Credible Communications is all about adding value to your organisation.  Generating positive outcomes, over and above simple outputs.

Just as it’s important to have a strong evidence base underpinning a robust strategy, it’s also important to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy in action.  We evaluate performance against the communication objectives set at the start of a project or campaign.  We look to see what’s worked best and seek to build upon success.  We also make sure that the ‘golden thread’ connecting actions to outputs, outcomes and strategic priorities has remained intact and performed as anticipated.

But nothing is ever perfect.  That’s where evaluation can help again – where things have not worked as well as planned, lessons can be learned, alternative choices can be made and more effective solutions can be put in place.

We always apply this learning to communications.  Improving, adapting and being responsive in real time to real-world challenges and opportunities.  This learning is fed into a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement for the benefit of all our clients.